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Is Crowd Funding the Future of Game Development?

With Double Fine’s recently fully-funded (and then some) Kickstarter project leading the way (yes, I know there have been many other game development projects on Kickstarter, but none with the PR that this has received), we may start seeing a new way of doing game development, which would be a significant shift in the industry. This could eliminate publishers and allow studios to self-publish on any digital distribution system they want, Steam being the primary one of course.

The big question for me is, could this type of funding allow cancelled projects to be revived and, if so, would studios be able to do it, or allowed to do it depending on IP ownership. There are any number of cancelled projects that I’d love to see this happen for:

Instead of hiring additional personnel, studios could outsource the work to quality smaller studios or indie teams. This would allow these studios to continue to function while building a reputation for themselves. Of course, big name IP shouldn’t be the first games released this way until it’s proven that teams are capable of doing a quality job.

This could be a huge step in the evolution of game development and I hope to see more studios following Double Fine’s lead. I certainly would like to get some of my game ideas out there in the crowd funding arena. It could be the start of going full-time game dev.