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Reboot 2.0!

OK, another reboot. I upgraded the site to IIS 7 and noticed that WordPress was available and decided to give it a go rather than continue using dasBlog. Since there wasn’t really a lot on the old blog it’s not really a great loss I guess. I also killed the crappy template website since I don’t have time to update it. Maybe soon… 🙂

I’m about to undertake a project that will hopefully get me in the habit of posting regularly. My son’s school has a Career Day and I’ve talked a couple of times about game development. This year I’m going to change it up a bit. I’m going to let the kids design a small game and I’m going to development it, blogging about the progress so the kids can read it and see what it’s like. The good thing is that hopefully it’ll be interesting to other people too and maybe it’ll be something I can release on XBLIG.