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You’ve Got Your Gamestate Management Sample In My Platformer

I tweeted about this earlier, but the update is a bit too much for a tweet. I added a couple of versions to the merged Platformer/Gamestate Management sample that I did as a result of a question on the AppHub forums. Here are all the relevant links:

Bare bones merged version – link

+ lives – link

+ scrolling level – link

+ power-ups – link

+ moving tiles – link

RPG book now on Kindle, slight Dream Build Play update

Looks like this has been available for a while, but in replying to a question on the App Hub forums, I noticed that my XNA RPG book is available on the Kindle. I thought that was pretty cool.

I should probably take the time to update it to XNA GS 4.0. Maybe after the Dream Build Play competition is over. 🙂

The developer level editor for my Dream Build Play entry is almost done. Progress has been slow as Real Life keeps interfering and it seems every time I look at the project I find something else that needs to be implemented. I’ll have Friday night free to myself so I should get a lot of work done. I ran into a problem with rotating sprites that’s rendering the level incorrectly, but that’s a minor issue. I’m anticipating have a test level up and running in the game by the end of the weekend. After that things should go fairly fast.

Game Developer Magazine gives XBLIG some love

Just a quick post to congratulate the developers of the games selected by Game Developer Magazine as the Best Xbox Live Indie Games of 2010 (in the Feb 2011 issue):

You guys inspire me!