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Something to whet the appetite…?


It’s not my fault…

Really! I was on vacation so the blog has been a bit stagnant. That kind of stuff happens. Smile

Anyway, I’ve been re-reading the two books I have in the Massively Multiplayer Game Development series and one of the articles is on alternatives to the Grind. The book is 6 years old and it seems even then people were tired of grinding enough that someone attempted to come up with something better. I’m glad to know it’s not just me.

Most of the article talks about ways of limiting player access to content so they don’t just blow through it before an expansion pack is released. That seems kind of backwards to me. Why not come up with a method of ensuring that there’s always content for players no matter how much they play? I understand that in the beginning of the genre it just wasn’t possible, but surely there are devs out there that are smart enough to figure it out and hardware and software are up to the task.

This is something I guess I’ll have to mull over a bit more.