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World Screen Screenshot

Well, it’s getting there:


New Dungeon Editor Screenshot

Some progress:

  • Added 2nd layer for regular and secret doors
  • Triggers (X in screenshot) and traps (square in screenshot) now rendering
  • Load and save working, using sharpSerializer since normalize XmlSerializer doesn’t like arrays, among other things.



Dungeon Editor, 1st Iteration

Behold my awesome graphical skills! 🙂 It’s got a long way to go, but it’ll do for now:



Thoughts on Stat Types and Skills

So I’m thinking of going with just a few types of stats for the dungeon crawler I’m prototyping:

Strength – how much a character can carry and modifies the damage done with melee weapons
Dexterity – helps determine if a character hits during combat and how well he performs skills like lockpicking
Agility – how well a character moves and dodges during combat and performs skills like climbing
Constitution – helps determine a character ability to soak up damage, whether in combat or due to things like poison. Fairly standard.
Intelligence – overall stat for character’s mental abilities, includes will power in resisting magical spells like illusions, ability to learn spells, etc. I can’t think of a better term for this.

I don’t want to overdo this, but I want some flexibility and “realism” (quoted because I mean realistic in the game world, not necessarily in this one :D). Some RPG systems lump agility and dexterity together into one stat, which I think doesn’t fit. A character could be a great lockpicker but horrible at dodging blows in combat or a great swordsman but doesn’t climb very well, so one stat for both is kind of silly.

For skills, the usual dungeon crawler types of actions will need to be done by a character, besides combat. Lockpicking, the ability to find things that don’t want to be easily found (traps, secret door, etc.), climbing (maybe, for getting out of pits if I implement them), sneaking up on other entities. I’m not sure how deep I want to go here. Implementing skills means dealing with allowing a character to become better at them, and I’ve never really liked many skill progression systems. “Realistically”, a character would get better at things the more they do them, as in games like Dungeon Siege. That’s a good bit of work to handle. Less realistic is allowing a character to “train” at skills by spending skill points. Easier to implement, but just feels wrong.

New game idea LFF (Looking For Feedback)

So I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ve got a couple of games already started and decided to think about starting a new one. :\

Being an RPG/dungeon crawler fan, I wondered what a game that is completely about dungeon crawling could look like. I also thought about how cool it would be if the game could dynamically be expanded through user contributions.

The basic idea is a world map that shows, from the start, all the dungeons that are known to exist in the world. It shows dungeons you’ve completed and not completed differently. It could also show new dungeons that have been “discovered” (uploaded by community) since you last played. The “goal” of the game would be to complete every dungeon in the world.

Leaderboards would show stats such as most loot collected, most monsters killed, most experienced characters as well as non-in-game stats such as highest-rated dungeon (did I fail to mention that the community could vote of contributed dungeons? :D), most crawled through dungeon, highest rated designer, etc.

One idea I’m kicking around is that a player can only have one character at a time. If a character dies, you start over. Stats will carry over, loot and such, but stats would also be displayed as an average – total loot/exp/etc. / number of characters.

Ideally, contributions uploaded by the community would be scanned and ranked based on content – total treasure, total monster exp, etc. in order to allow only characters in a certain range to go through them. Designers could just load down a dungeon will all treasure and no monsters. The loot-to-monster ratio would have to be within a certain percentage.

I need to figure out the specific RPG elements – character stats, classes, equipment, etc. as well as monster and dungeon designing tools, but that’s just a matter of time to ensure the tools are robust enough to enable designers to create good, fun content.. Figuring out if this would even work and be fun is something that I need to get some opinions on. I know it would be fun for me as both a player and a designer. I imagine the achievement/leaderboard junkies would play to get to the top of the boards.

I could see this expanding into areas like allowing players to trade and buy and sell loot, grouping and guilds (this would be single-player only at first), etc. Things like this would be wayyyyy down the road. 🙂

I’m hoping I get some good feedback and see where this thing goes.

Once more into the breach!

So I got that email I was hoping I’d get this morning. I’m once more an XNA MVP. Seven years now. Now I have to figure out what to do this year to keep it. With XNA being the proverbial red-headed stepchild right now to MS, that’s going to be more difficult.

I’ve been planning on looking into other technologies for doing games on Windows 8 so that they would be able to be featured in the Windows Store. That’s probably going to take away some time from doing anything XNA related to maintain my MVP status.

I’m still planning on, and currently taking a break from coding to write this, releasing at least one game on XBLIG. That won’t really help with with maintaining my MVP status, but it could be a step towards becoming a full-time indie game developer.

Note to self: I need to work on some other New Years resolutions besides getting a game on XBLIG.

In any case, I think it’s going to be an interesting year now that we’ve survived the non-existent Mayan apocalypse. 🙂