DBP Game Progress

While progress on the game I’m working on hasn’t been as quick as I’d hoped, I think I’m still doing ok since it’ll be at least February until we know when the actual deadline will be. I’m thinking we’ll have until at least April or May to get a game done.

I’m hoping to have the developer level editor done by this weekend and a test level completed. You may be saying “Why did he say ‘developer level editor?’ That would be because the game will feature, among other things, an in-game level editor and level sharing. Some of the other features that are being planned:

  • Single and multiplayer support
  • 4 game modes
  • Badges (XBLIG’s version of Achievements)
  • “Global” leaderboards (using the fantastic Highscores Component)
  • Customizable/upgradeable features for in-game “characters” using in-game winnings (one of the things tracked in the leaderboards) from game matches. Yes, that’s pretty vague. More to come. 😀
  • In-game Auction/Marketplace for buying/selling game objects (again using a variation of the Highscores Component). This one will be tricky however and may not make the final version (unless I win and the game becomes an XBLA game!)

I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for the game. Even if I don’t win, it’ll be put on XBLIG and hopefully be the first step to becoming a full-time indie game dev career. 🙂

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