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Spy Game Design–Death

There are a couple of options for handling death in an MMO that I know of:

  • Respawn somewhere with some penalty:
    • Corpse retrieval
    • XP penalty/loss
    • Decreased capabilities
  • Perma-death – you die and you start another character
  • Damage to items

Most MMOs use one or a combination of several of these when a character dies. None seem particularly desirable for a spy game. Two additional options that I can think of might be:

  • Character is captured and has to be ransomed
  • Character is merely unconscious and has to be revived and removed from the situation. This is best used in a group environment. If the player is solo, the first option is used.
    I’m not really thrilled with these either. The first option means the player is stuck until he can be ransomed, if he ever is, depending on how that’s handled. The second option is really only good for an MMO based on grouping, which is probably not the norm in a spy type game.
    It’s tempting to go with perma-death for solo players and the last option for group-based encounters. Am I missing an option though?