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Spy Game Design – Character Stats

What would an RPG be without some stats for characters? Yeah, it would probably just be a shooter or adventure game. 🙂

I’m thinking stats would be the basic ones – strength, dexterity, agility, intelligence, will, charisma, constitution. The important thing is that character development isn’t driven by increasing these stats to god-like proportions. In fact, there will be very little increase in stats, only what’s possible realistically, since this is a more realistic MMO than the fantasy based ones.

A character can increase their strength by working out and their dexterity by practicing things that use it (juggling anyone?). Things like intelligence can’t really be increased, if we take intelligence to mean the ability to learn things, not what the character knows. Agility, will, constitution – these things are mostly static once a character is mature. Charisma is theoretically capable of increase – take acting classes, get cosmetic surgery, etc. but in the reality of the game we’re talking about, not really something most players would bother with. If they want to play a charismatic character, they’d start him with high charisma from the beginning.

Stats are merely going to be a kind of baseline. The value of a stat will be used in conjunction with the level of ability for a skill to come up with a value that determines whether or not an action succeeds.

Of course, stats can be reduced through outside influence. Agility can be reduced by a leg wound, dexterity reduced by hand wound, constitution reduced by poisoning, etc. (charisma reduced by getting beaten with an ugly stick? Not sure about that one. 😀 )

An idea just popped into my head that crosses a bunch of different areas – stats, skills, cross-platform support. I’ll try to get the idea fleshed out and up today.